Privacy Statement Flexfamily

Who are we?

The ‘Flexfamily’ consist of Flexfamily Business Support B.V. (trading as Flex Factory & Fides Facilities), Fides Personeelsdiensten B.V. (trading as Fides Personeelsdiensten B.V., Flexfamily, Marquette and Marquette Detachering), Seesing Personeel B.V. (trading as Seesing Personeel B.V. & Seesing Flex), Match 4U B.V. (trading as Match 4U B.V., Seesing Flex and Vast.), Aelbers Flexibele Personeels Diensten B.V. (trading as Aelbers Flexibele Personeelsdiensten B.V. and Aelbers), 2Work B.V., Vitaal! Arbo B.V., Koers Oost B.V., Praemium Payroll B.V. (trading as Loont B.V.), Evolon B.V. & VAST. B.V. and other to these corporations affiliated companies. These Flexfamily companies are responsible for processing your personal data.

In order to offer you a service that is up to our standards and to perform as efficiently & effectively as possible, the Flexfamily processes your personal data. Treating your personal data carefully is important to us. That’s why we will always process your data safely and securely. You can count on the Flexfamily to protect your data and to comply with legislation.

Why do we have a Privacy Statement?

In this Privacy Statement, we outline how we treat your personal data. You’ll learn which data we process & to what means, who is allowed to view your personal data, how we store your data, with whom we share your data and how you can influence this yourself. Your interest is paramount!

What is personal data?

Personal data is all data that can be traced back to an individual, which is you. Your name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address and biometric data are all considered personal data. We obtain this data when you fill out a form, send us a letter or an email, or call us. When you visit our website or when you use our app, we may process certain personal data in some cases. We may process your IP address or place a cookie for example. You can read more about this in our Cookie Statement.

At the moment that you or a third party shares your personal data with us, we may process this in certain cases. To ‘process’ something can have different meanings: we may collect, store, consult, delete, use or provide data to third parties. Eliminating and destroying data is also ‘processing’ data.

To what does this Privacy Statement apply?

This Privacy Statement applies to all personal data processed by the Flexfamily in order to deliver the services we offer, either partly or entirely automated.

Who’s personal data do we process?

We may process personal data of all people we are in contact with and/or visit our website. This means we process personal data of, among others, (potential) temporary agency workers, seconded personnel, self-employed individuals, payrolling employees, permanent employees and clients of the Flexfamily. We also process data of the contacts of (potential) clients, suppliers or business partners. 

What is your personal data used for?

We are allowed to process your personal data when there is a legal basis to do so. This legal basis applies when: 

  • Your permission is granted;
  • Processing your data is required for executing a contract;
  • Processing your data is required for any legal commitment;
  • Processing your data is required to combat a serious threat to your health & safety; and
  • Processing your personal data is required for the interest of the Flexfamily, at which your interest does not prevail.

Flexfamily processes personal data to ensure efficient and effective business operations. In general, we only collect and process your personal data in order to carry out our business activities as an employment & secondment agency, including but not limited to mediation, secondment, recruitment, mediation of self-employed persons, personal development and employability, salary administration, personnel management and/or outplacement. More specifically, we ask for your personal data to the following means:

  • To establish and maintain an employee-/employer or personnel-/employment agreement and to execute our administration concerning finances, personnel, hours worked, leave of absence and/or salary;
  • To establish and maintain an agreement for the execution of commissioned work and to execute the financial administration concerning this agreement;
  • To evaluate & capture employability for a position and to bring you in contact with or introduce you to one or more (potentially) suitable clients and/or relations;
  • To offer you employment and/or career advice and/or other (employment) related services such as courses, to employ you with our clients, to allow you to perform activities for our clients or arrange assignments for you;
  • To establish, execute and abide by agreements with yourself, our clients and/or other relations;
  • To inform you about our services and other activities in order to better align these with your wishes and competences (sending you a job alert for example);
  • For management purposes and in order to generate management information and reports, to carry out market research, internal and external checks, audits & accountant audits as well as improve and maintain the quality of our business operations;
  • To grant access to and allow you to use our secured online environments, (’self-service’) portals and intranet;
  • To comply with legislation and/or request government subsidies and premium discounts, such as identification and/or paying taxes and social security contributions;
  • To comply with legal requirements regarding reintegration and the government requirement to assist persons distanced from the labour market to employment;  
  • To promote and stimulate personal development, allow you to take part in (online) courses, tests and to generate test results;
  • To send you personalised messages and offers that match with your personal interests, based on the information you have shared with us and the information we have collected via cookies or other related techniques about your usage of our websites and social media channels of the Flexfamily;
  • To improve our products and services (among others our website and secured web portal) and to resolve any (technical) issues that occur while using our website or our services.  

We only process your personal data to the means mentioned above. When we use your personal data towards other (closely related) means, we will inform you and ensure required measures are applied.

Which personal data do we process?

When you register with us:

  • Name & address, email address and other contact details;
  • Date, place & country of birth, age, sex;
  • Curriculum vitae (CV), information regarding you education, internships and working experience;
  • Data about courses, training and tests that you have completed yourself or with Flexfamily;
  • Data about your availability and leave of absence;
  • Photo and video (introduction) - voluntarily;
  • Other data that may be required in order to evaluate your suitability, such as references, certificates or a statement of conduct (VOG). 

When you start working for us / are working for us / have worked for us:

  • Nationality, social security number (BSN), photo ID, work permit;
  • Other data related to personnel-, salary- and absence registration.

How do we treat your personal data?

Carefully, securely and confidentially. That’s how we treat your personal data. To safeguard this, the Flexfamily has drafted an extensive internal policy document. The main regulations are also outlined in this Privacy Statement.


At Flexfamily, we will always do our utmost best to protect your data. We have implemented security measures to protect & secure your data and prevent unlawful use of your data. We apply access control, enabled firewalls, only use secured servers and encrypt sensitive data. These measures are evaluated on a regular basis and adjusted is necessary. Besides system security, we believe it is important that not everyone in the Flexfamily can access personal data. Our systems have been designed in a way that only employees that need personal data are authorised to view them.


We assume your personal data is confidential at any time. That is why each of our employees are held to maintain confidentiality. This also applies to third parties that perform activities for us which can be, among others, testing-, educational- and examination institutes as well as parties performing physical examinations to determine suitability, auditors, external consultants and IT consultants who develop & test our systems.

How long do we store data?

We only store data for as long as required and never longer than is legally allowed. How long data is stored depends on the nature of the data and the means to which it is processed. The retention period can be different depending on the type & mean of the datapoint.

Providing personal data to third parties

We do not provide personal data to third parties unless this is required to execute a contract, required by law, we have a prevailing interest or when you have granted us permission to do so. Flexfamily may also be obligated to share your personal data by legislation, by court issue or in the event of fraud and/or abuse. We will fully cooperate with authorities in these cases.

Providing your personal data to countries outside the European

Flexfamily will not provide your personal data to any company or establishment outside the European Union unless parties have entered into a model agreement or if you have signed a statement allowing us to provide your data to said company and/or establishment.

Personal contact with the Flexfamily

Most of the contact between you and the Flexfamily will take place over the phone, through (digital) forms, emails, social media, text messages or chat. Personal data provided on these channels may be processed by us. We may use them to answer questions, offer you employment or o improve the quality of our services. When you call us, or when we call you, the phone conversation may be recorded for training, coaching, evaluating and improvement purposes that allow us to serve you better.

On the Flexfamily websites we collect data about visitors and pages, such as most visited pages. This information allows us to optimise the content of our websites. It also allows us to offer better quality content in order to improve out services. We also track click rates on our websites, which are stored internally and is used in statistical analyses about visitor behaviour, to combat fraud and offer personalised content.

We use cookies on our websites in order to evaluate how visitors use our websites. This information helps us to improve our website. Cookies are small text files placed by a website on the browser of your computer, tablet or mobile phone which can be recognised when you visit our website again. Learn more about cookies in our Cookie Statement.

View, amend or delete your data

In certain cases you have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to processing the data, to object to the processing of your personal data and to data portability. This means that you can submit a request with us to send your personal data that we have collected in a computer file to you or another organization designated by you.

You can submit your request to access, correct, delete & transfer of your personal data, request to cancel your consent or object to the processing of your personal data to We will respond to your request as soon as possible, though no later than within four weeks.

Circumstances may arise in which we cannot, either partially or fully, honour your request. Please note that you can file a complaint with the national supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

About this privacy statement

Flexfamily reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement was last changed on the 1st of May, 2020.

Do you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Statement? Let us know by email on, or post a letter to:

At the attention of Sjouke Meijerink
Grutbroek 15a
7008 AK Doetinchem
The Netherlands