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We use cookies on our websites,,,,,,,, and Cookies are small text files placed by a website on the browser of your computer, tablet or mobile phone. These cookies are used to simplify the use of our website, enhance the user experience, improve the performance and match the relevance of the content on this website as well as the websites of third parties to your interests and preferences.

Information stored in cookies is not linked to your name, address and/or email address. Any personal data that may be stored in cookies, is strictly processed in accordance with our Privacy Statement and this Cookie Statement.

Which cookies do we use?

Cookies can be placed either by us and/or by other parties with whom we collaborate. Below you will find the types of cookies we may use on our websites:  

Functional cookies

These are cookies that ensure our website functions as intended. These cookies are used to store certain user & preference settings, save any potential log in information and to optimise and simplify the use of the website. These cookies are also used to track any abuse of the website.

This applies to so-called ‘local storage’. The website uses local storage in your browser to temporarily store data. This allows pages to be displayed faster, if a user has been logged in and, if the login of a user has expired, to display the same page again. This data may contain the name of the user.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to collect data on how visitors interact with our website. We use software of Google Analytics to do so. We collect data on the number of visitors, time of the visit to our website and its pages, from which region the visitor is visiting the website, if and from which other website the visitor has been referred to our website, which pages are visited (including for how long and how often), in which sequence and/or if any errors have occurred. The collected data is used to improve the service and optimise its contents to match the wants and needs of the visitors.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are placed by a number of websites of the Flexfamily and suppliers of the Flexfamily. These cookies collect data on the (internet)behaviour of the user of the website and are utilised to allow the user to use website in an optimised manner. Information about the visit is stored so that relevant information can easily be retrieved during any subsequent visits with the aim to, for example, autofill a form and offer ads and/or vacancies that match the users profile. On all Flexfamily websites you can indicate whether you do or do not agree with the use of tracking cookies.

References and links

This website contains references and/or links to one or more websites of third parties, which may also use cookies. We are not responsible for these cookies and recommend to consult the privacy statement, cookie statement of the concerning website for more information.

No cookies or remove cookies

Using the settings in your browser, you can easily indicate you do nor or no longer want cookies to be placed on your hardware. In the event you do not allow cookies, functionalities on this website may be affected.

Most cookies are only stored for a set amount of time, meaning they expire after a certain time and no longer register any data. You may also choose to manually remove cookies from your browser through your browser settings before they expire. Please consult your browser manual for steps on how to do this.

Cookies that store a password, login details and other preferences can also de enabled and/or disabled in your browser settings.

Questions, concerns and complaints

In case you have any questions, concerns and/or complaints regarding this cookie statement or the way we register, store & use your data, please contact us by email via, or send a letter by post to the below address:

At the attention of the Management Board
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7008 AK Doetinchem
The Netherlands

We respond within four (4) weeks after receipt of your question, concern or complaint.